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“We are all constantly striving to achieve clarity in all communications.”
Helen Holland, Bristol Evening Post, 16 February 2008

By reviewing the Corporate Plan at the same time as the review of the Bristol Partnership’s Sustainable Community Strategy (please see Appendix 1 to this report) we can ensure that we are influencing that strategy and that there is good alignment between the longer term vision or the city and the actions we are going to take in the next three years. This will place us in a stronger position in the negotiations we are now entering into for the new Local Area Agreement (LAA) One of the criticisms of the Round 3 LAA was that the national agenda over dominated the choice of targets. We are determined this time that the LAA will better reflect our priorities and that it will be what it is meant to be: a delivery plan for the Sustainable Community Strategy.
Helen Holland, State of the City Debate (pdf), 15 January 2008

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  1. Jon Rogers says:

    Having made comments elsewhere on the Bristol Conservative 2008 budget amendments it seems only fair to take a peek at Labour’s efforts….

    The Bristol Labour administration produced a pretty pink sheet at the Cabinet meeting on 4th February 2008 which revealed the U turn on Marksbury Road library – finding money “from operational savings in the Libraries Service” so as not to close the library after all!

    Another Labour U turn was on the Adult Learning Service where they are using “provision for VAT changes” to reverse their plan to cease funding Adult Learning.

    In total, Labour found an additional £735K to fund their amendments, the Conservatives have found £895K to fund their proposals and the Lib Dems have found £1.49m to fund theirs.

    Oh, and Charlie Bolton has found £706K to fund his proposals for various things including £150K to employ more full time council officer bureaucrats! He seems to have temporarily dropped his proposal to “lose a few pcso’s” 🙂

    The Lib Dems are, in contrast, proposing to reduce senior management costs at the Council, saving £300K.

  2. Charlie Bolton says:

    Hi Jon

    what is the source of your comment ‘he has temporarily dropped his proposal to lose a a few pcso’s’?

  3. Jon Rogers says:

    Hi Charlie – it was your blog, dated 23rd January 2008, about Adult Learning…

    “An Ashley resident has written to me regarding the Adult Education Service. I believe £180k will save it, and smaller amounts will help.

    I can see a budget amendment from me to try and help with this service to. I think we could lose a few pcso’s myself!

    Have I got the wrong end of the stick?

  4. Chris Hutt says:

    And while you’re at it, what’s with the apostrophe in pesos?

  5. CHarlie Bolton says:

    Wow, I’ d forgotten I had written that. Tricky stuff this blogging.

  6. A greengrocer says:

    pcso’s ?

    potato’s, cabbage’s, sprout’s and orange’s

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