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A blog combining Bristol University, the Conservative Party and wealthy students you say. For real?

It appears so. And one of the first items on the new BUCA (Bristol University Conservative Association) Blog finds our new student idealist friends getting straight down to serious business and arranging their invitations to Tory Party front bencher, the appalling Caroline Spelman’s bucks fizz reception happening next week.

This could easily be the work of some new and as yet unknown comic genius in the city. Highly recommended.

Meanwhile, the entirely unremarkable Ashley Fox, Tory Councillor for Westbury-on-Trym has somehow managed to get himself a gig as a Tory Euro candidate at the next EU election in 2009.

To support his efforts, the militant europhobe’s set up a blog – Fox 4 Europe. All decked out in the Union Flag, it’s actually a fascinating insight into how reactionary and unsophisticated the Tory Party still is at the grassroots.

Not at all what “Ordinary” Dave Cameron and his Notting Hill public relations lackeys would have us believe that’s for sure.

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5 Responses to Tory blog news

  1. Ashley Fox says:

    All publicity is good publicity, so I’ll thank you for the mention.

  2. Simon Iles says:

    I echo the sentiments of Mr Fox – thanks for the publicity. Oh, and well done for taking the good old ‘rich’ Tories route… highly original!

  3. redzone says:

    the good old ‘rich’ tories route. . . highly original!?
    maybe, but fairly accurate!!!

  4. James Barlow says:

    “reactionary and unsophisticated”?

    “Reactionary” is one of those interesting adjectives that implies moral failing without actually meaning anything specific. What’s wrong with reacting to plans to remove power from the people and transfer it to an unaccountable bureaucracy?

    Another BB post criticises metropolitan developers for forcing their PR campaigns upon Bristol. So perhaps the problem locally is too much sophistication.

    How about we compromise on “pragmatic and rejecting artifice”?

  5. Sam says:

    wasnt there like 7 or 8 etonians in the shadow cabinet at one point last year…. the good old rich torie route into government (well paid parlimentary positions at least).

    id be interested to see how many of the members come from local bristol council eastates.

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