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Old Vic Chair-in-waiting, Dick Penny, told a rapt audience last Thursday that “you must balance how much you can spend on stage with how much you earn from the seats”.

Indeed. So does Dick practice what he preaches in his day job as director of the Watershed then? Er not quite. The cinema spent a little more than £3m last year of which just £1.8m came in earnings from seats (and from the bar, food and other trading activities) . The remaining £1.2m – 40% of the running costs – was contributed by the tax payer through various grants.

Penny also told the audience that he would have plenty of time to dedicate to his new role as Old Vic theatre supremo because “the Watershed almost runs itself.”

No surprise there. No doubt we could all have businesses that “almost run themselves” if 40% of their income was handed to them by the government.

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5 Responses to Preaching 'n' practising

  1. Teach says:

    The first thing to do with the Old Vic is to install free wireless internet in the cafe, if it’s not in there already.

    The Laptoparati should not be underestimated in how much we spend on cappucinos and juices, thus helping to keep these types of cultural institutions alive. (Surely that’s worth being exposed to a bit of radiation.)

    Also, put on a few good theatre shows and it’ll all be fine. (Dick – no need to thank me. You can have that one for free!)

  2. thebristolblogger says:

    Unfortunately I think the Watershed demonstrates a business model based on free wi-fi and cappucinos is doomed to fail (in the real world at least).

  3. Teach says:

    Outrageous BB. That’s near blasphemy! Many of the Laptoparai are extremely able writers, directors and other arty types. Surely knocking out an awarding winning theatre show can’t be that hard! ha ha

    (Sorry Dick, I’m not helping much here am I?) LOL

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  5. Sasha Lubetkin says:

    Oh, well – if Dick Penney’s so useless perhaps people had better stop supporting the Old Vic and doing what they can to get it to re-open.

    Perhaps Penney’s not ideal, but I don’t see anyone offering to do the job. Would you rather just see our wonderful old theatre fade away?

    Come on, Bristol Blogger: haven’t you anything positive to say?

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