Back to the future …

Dildo X-ray

Hat tip to _saturnine for pointing us to Surfactant’s excellent collection of radiographs on Flickr. The one above is of someone who unaccountably got a dildo stuck up their backside (an explanation – of sorts – is provided here).

Here at The Blogger this picture brought memories flooding back of an earlier, though strangely familiar, age here in Bristol. So we’ve been scouring the internet for a similar picture incorporating not a dildo but a toothbrush in order that we might be able to retell a seemingly timeless tale from the Council House.

We, of course, refer to the glorious day when former Labour councillor Bill Martin told former Lib Dem councillor John Kiely during another one of their self-important  and entirely irrelevant debates in the council chamber that he would “shove a toothbrush so far up your backside you’ll be able to clean your teeth with it.”

A proposition that is reputed, at the time, to have sent quite a frisson of excitement through the Lib Dem benches. Although later, in a demonstration of just how flakey Bristol’s Lib Dems really are, the matter was referred to the police and a ludicrous trial of Martin at great public expense ensued.

He was found guilty. Bristol City Councillors: where do we get ’em from?

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5 Responses to Back to the future …

  1. Ella says:

    That looks like a bicycle pump…


    No surely thats the style of pacemaker they place inside councillors nowadays….

  3. Matt says:

    My god. I have heard of open mic nights but that is ridiculous.

    The things people do to get in the media these days eh?

  4. Dave says:

    Oh dear, this wouldn’t be a malicious reference to a spent conviction in violation of the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act, would it?

  5. BristleKRS says:

    Behave, Dave!

    I notice your use of the word ‘malicious’, which of course is the point around which any RoOA-related defamation claim turns; but in general referring to convictions (spent or otherwise) is in itself not an offence.

    If mentioning – in a blog entry about x-rays of objects stuck up arseholes – a threat made by one councillor to another to stick an object up their arsehole counts as ‘malice’, well then, that’s one thing. The flipside is that there’s a “defence of justification or fair comment or of absolute or qualified privilege”.

    But sniggering at the ludicrous behaviour of Bristol’s idiot elite is surely a universal right, dagnammit! Not a thoughtcrime!

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