Who'd have ever guessed it?

Bristol City Council is looking for urgent savings in this year’s budget of up to £2 million. It is overspending on waste services (£1.5m), care for the elderly (£1.5m), taxi services for special needs youngsters (£400,000) and concessionary bus fares (£500,000).
“City Council’s urgent hunt for £2m”, Bristol Evening Cancer, 2 November 2007

The facts are: if you want to keep home care in-house then something else will have to be cut. We need to know what that is now. It’s no good taking spending decisions now and then trying to find the money in 6 months. We’ve been there before.
“There are going to be some stark choices ahead”, The Bristol Blogger, 17 May 2007

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4 Responses to Who'd have ever guessed it?

  1. bristolcitizen says:

    so what would u cut blagger? Equalities, community development, consultation, democacy, elections??? I guess the city doesn’t really need any of this now we have you…

  2. bristolratepayer says:

    Well, bristolcitizen, how about slashing the numerous and unnecessary consultants – the CYPS department alone spends hundreds of thousands of pounds of our money on them….

  3. bluebaldee says:

    Lets face it, shitizen, he’s got to be better value than the twats you spend your time defending.

    Oh, hang on – you probably are one of those twats, aren’t you?

  4. Andy says:

    Why don’t they stop building those useless fucking chicanes and yuppie boondoggles like the “Museum of Bristol”? I was perfectly happy with a road system that didn’t look like Brands Hatch and I loved the Industrial Museum.

    Only a corrupt sink like Bristol would handouts to the local business community so blatantly take priority over handouts to the needy!

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