Sadistic foodie watch

Looks like Bell’s Diner’s luvvie chef Chris Wicks, darling of the Venue reading classes, hasn’t been telling the whole truth:

Bell’s Diner have decided to stop selling Foie-Gras after only one demo against them! Bristol animal rights activists were very happy when they noticed this so we called off our 2nd demo and visited Juniper,a restaurant which was also selling foie-gras.
Bristol Animal Rights Collective, 15 May 2007

I’m soon purring about the wood pigeon with foie gras that arrives on a square plate with a smear of apple chutney, but Xanthe thinks the chutney is too young and needs time to lose some of its harshness.
Restaurant Review: Bell’s Diner in Bristol, Daily Telegraph 10 November 2007

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  1. Archie says:

    excellent stuff!! let the dust settle and just carry on with before, least I stand by my principles, I like game meat and I like foie gras. Hmmm the mouth is watering, but least I stand by my principles and dont “Flip Flop”

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