Only in South Bristol . . .

Denise Van Outen
A half-dressed Denise Van Outen who was not in Hartcliffe today

The new Morrison’s store at Hartcliffe – launched today in a hail of crazed government regeneration hyperbole that was enough to make you think they’d rebuilt the fucking Pompidou Centre brick by brick up there rather than a budget supermarket – opened at 9.00am this morning.

By 10.00am the police had arrived to make the first two arrests for shoplifting. . .

The Blogger’s only glad we didn’t cancel all engagements today and make our way there in the hope of meeting the face of Morrison’s – Denise “I like a fish counter” Van Outen – as she wasn’t there.

Instead the assembled “VIP” guests were treated to – thankfully fully dressed – Helen Holland, Prawn Dimarolo, dismal Tory Yorkshireman Ken Morrison and Royston Griffey prancing like a tit in his mayoral regalia.

Star-studded or wot?

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2 Responses to Only in South Bristol . . .

  1. Question Mark says:

    Do you have anything nice to say about anything?

  2. This posting and the previous one on the Media darlings of North Bristol are both spot-on and wonderfully succinct. As someone who moved here from London last year and have since had the misfortune of discovering how uniformly crap and smug Bristol is, this blog and its sardonic sanity is one of the few signs of intelligent life in the place.

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