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Lib Dem leadership frontrunner Chris Huhne has declared and gone and got himself a promotional website – chris2win – already! These web designers don’t half work quick these days don’t they?

No word as yet on whether Bristol West’s Stephen Williams will be Huhne’s campaign manager as he was last time ’round in 2006 though.

Elsewhere John Harris points out in The Guardian that both Huhne and his main rival Nick Clegg both went to the same private school, Westminster and both attended Oxbridge colleges. As Harris says:

So, there it is: two privately educated middle-aged white fellas with amazingly similar views squaring up for the leadership of the party that’s meant to think the unthinkable and stand that bit further outside the establishment. What is going on?

It’s called “a meritocracy” John.

PS. Adding to this gentlemanly collegiate atmosphere at the top of the Lib Dems, Northavon’s Steve Webb, another potential leadership contender according to the local Tories and Points West anyway, also went to Oxford. Hurrah!

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3 Responses to Zzzzzzzzz watch

  1. Huhne’s website has definitely appeared very quickly. No doubt he and his supporters have been preparing for a leadership contest for some time. Yet at the recent Lib Dem conference, before Mings resignation, Huhne had a dig at his key rival Nick Clegg when Clegg openly and honestly said he might be interested when there was a leadership contest !! Who’s the more trustworthy of the two do you think?

  2. thebristolblogger says:

    Huhne won’t win because it looks like he wielded the knife. It’s Heseltine’s Law™ (which I’ve just invented by the way).

  3. Yellowbelly says:

    According to Original 106.5 news Stephen Williams is backing Nick Clegg this time.

    Wonder why he’s jumped ship? Perhaps he’s spotted a bandwagon and jumped on it? More likley he’s looking to furthger his career when “Cameron lite” Clegg wins.

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