Socialism: Bristol Labour style

Rich getting richer

John Bees, Labour’s executive member for Central Services, who basically deals with the council’s finances, is supposed to have a background in trade unionism at Avonmouth docks.

You’d never know judging by his comments on the £6m – over 20% – overspend at the new Redland Green School – a school Bees and his party were always desperate to have built. The supposed socialist, sounding remarkably like an unreconstructed old Tory, told a recent cabinet meeting:

“Despite the overspend the school has opened on time and has opened to great acclaim. It is pushing up housing costs in Redland as we speak.
“Anyone who can afford to live in Redland in the first place must be extremely pleased.”

So that’s all right then. That’s £6m of our money well wasted because the rich in the city are getting richer and their kids can also get the benefit of a good free education now. Hurrah! Who said socialism doesn’t work?

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