Pass the sickbag: Writers’ Rooms

That Guardian Review column that never fails to disappoint…

This week we meet Joshua Ferris, some tricksy New York-based novelist who has created a(n extremely) minor sensation with his debut novel, Then We Came to the End, that’s supposed to astound us because it’s written using a first-person-plural narrator.

His interview certainly lives up to the pretentious overblown image as he comes on all wild, crazy and non-lineal to us:

“The pad is a Bloc Rhodia No 38 and like the desk it provides a lot of room which allows me to move around on the page in defiance of linear thought.

Ooh er, missus. Crazy or wot? Here’s some more:

“. . . insanity explains the religious books stacked next to the cinema screen and the outline of a novel stapled to the wall and – who am I kidding, really? – the entire bizarre cramped shivering quixotic enterprise.”

Indeed who are you kidding Joshua you precious little twat?

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