How government works: lose money, exceed targets

Remember those heady days, just a couple of years ago, when everyone wanted their name on the latest glowing press release about the exciting new Redland Green School development?

Here’s a bit of one from just one year ago with the city council, the Department for Education and Skills and the Learning and Skills Council all claiming credit:

“The school is being funded by a unique partnership, the first of its kind in the UK, with money made available through Bristol City Council, a direct grant from the Department for Education and Skills (DES) and capital funding for the post-16 centre from the Learning and Skills Council (LSC)”

Strangely, with news of a £5m overspend on the school the DES and the LSC have gone very, very quiet indeed. No sign of any press releases from them lately at all. And no mention of this “unique partnership’ anymore.

Are they keeping their heads down hoping nobody thinks to ask them any tricky questions about our wasted £5m?

Meanwhile readers may be cheered to learn that Mark Haysom, chief executive of the Learning and Skills Council, has just pocketed a further £36,000 in bonuses from the public purse to top up his £206,000 salary.

He earnt this for “exceeding targets”.

Coming soon: EXCLUSIVE – Britain’s worst firm Capita’s role in the Redland Green fiasco. NOT TO BE MISSED!!!

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