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“Ordinary” Dave pretty much left no stone unturned in apportioning blame for the recent shooting of 11 year old Rhys Jones in Liverpool. The Daily Mail tells us:

Mr Cameron blamed the rise in gang culture and yobbish behaviour on ministers, feckless parents, a tax and benefit system that punishes stable families, human rights laws that defy common sense, retailers that sell alcohol to youngsters, and music and film bosses who celebrate violence.

Wow. Who wasn’t to blame then?

Well… It does look like Dave completely forgot to mention video sharing website Youtube or its parent company Google in the course of this crazed “broken society” old Tory-style rant against everything.

This is despite the fact that the two gangs apparently at the centre of Rhys’s murder – the “Nogga Dogs” and “Croxteth Crew” – both used Youtube to allegedly upload masked-up videos of themselves waving their guns and willies around.

Obviously Cameron’s reticence over Youtube could in no way be related to the fact that the queen of the Notting Hill Set, Rachel Whetstone, is now Google’s director of European corporate communications and public affairs could it?

And the fact that Whetstone, a former chief advisor to Tory boss Michael Howard, is godmother to Cameron’s eldest child and is the partner of Dave’s key adviser, Steven Hilton – at least when she’s not shagging Cameron’s father-in-law – played no part in Dave’s decision not to criticise Youtube either. Did it?

As for the rumours that it was only thanks to Whetstone’s intervention with Michael Howard on Dave’s behalf that the recent Tory “grammar school wobble” didn’t become a fully fledged leadership crisis… Well that’s just nonsense isn’t it?

As are any claims that Cameron now owes Whetstone big time and will continue to give Google and Youtube an easy ride in the future.

This article also appears on the Bash the Rich blog.

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  1. Neil says:

    Another glaring omission from Dave’s list of the guilty is the rich white men who make and sell the weapons that end up on the streets. Could this be in any way related to the fact that in the last year the Tories have received £58,000 in donations from one Andreas Heeschen? Who he? Only the owner of Heckler & Koch the “small arms” manufacturer with links to our own BAe Sytems. Arms dealers and politicians eh? Who’d of guessed.

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