Education: let's meet the team!

Bristol Education Department - senior officers
Front Row (left to right): Pauline Marson, Programme Director, Integrated Youth Offer ( joint appointment with Connexions); Peter Mooney, Programme Director, Performance Improvement (Interim); Heather Tomlinson, Director; Kate Campion, Programme Director, Transforming Learning (formerly Telford and Wrekin). Back Row (left to right): Ian McDowall, Programme Director, Safeguarding and Specialist Support (formerly Acting Assistant Director, Children’s Social Services); Norman Host, Programme Director, Performance Improvement (formerly Social Services Inspectorate of Wales); Paul Taylor, Programme Director, Partnerships and Localities (formerly Assistant Director, Inclusion and Pupil Support); Claudia McConnell, Programme Director, Health Partnership (joint appointment with Bristol PCT); Nick Batchelar, Programme Director, Standards and Achievement (formerly Head of School Improvement).

As it’s the start of the new school year let’s meet Bristol City Council’s education team!

(As I suspect we may be hearing a lot about them)

Pictured above, for the first time, are Heather Tomlinson and her EIGHT Assistant Education Directors back in the autumn of 2006. When Heather started in 2004 there were just three of these assistant Directors. These are the people who have been making good money out of failing our children and then spinning the results to make it look otherwise.

Anyway here’s a a few questions. Answers tomorrow.

Who pictured above has a salary in excess of £120k a year?
Who pictured above was earning even more than this?
And why?
Who pictured above is now on ‘gardening leave’ on full pay?
Which two people were both being paid to do exactly the same job when the picture was taken?
How many of these people have a personal PA?
How much is this little lot costing us exactly?
And what have they achieved?
Finally, who’s that bloke on the end with the bumfluff beard who looks like a weasel?

Our money. Their pockets. The full shocking story tomorrow…

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7 Responses to Education: let's meet the team!

  1. Woodsy says:

    As if this crowd is not wasting enough public funds already, BBC Bristol News today reports on the Redland Green fiasco that: “An external construction consultancy has been brought in to look at the extra costs, and Bristol City Council is taking legal advice.

    The shower attempting to run education in this city obviously haven’t got 2 brain cells between them.

  2. What a dynamic bunch they are – cant you just tell! I must say I’m impressed with their work – NOT.

    Mind you if you measure their ‘success’ in terms of salary size…

  3. The B B says:

    We shall be measuring this “success” very precisely very soon…

  4. We deserve better public service than they’re delivering.

  5. Sefton Parker says:

    This story – and this blog – deserves wider distribution. These people’s lack of performance will be considered criminal neglect elsewhere so why do they get away with it in public office? The sad thing is, when all the children they failed (thousands) are scraping a living in the future this awful shower will be living it up somewhere – still at our expense.

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