Ashton Court RIP

Organisers of the Ashton Court Festival have asked the public not to bring alcohol and drugs to the two day event says the BBC.

“Anyone going to the festival will be searched on the way in and if caught with either alcohol or drugs will be ‘dealt with appropriately,'” says festival organiser Steve Hunt.

He’s been running a bankrupt organisation for the last year. Now he’s issuing threats to his punters. Enough is enough. Stand down mate.

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Coming Soon: A Bristol Blogger philosophical discourse on ‘free’ festivals, why drugs are good for you and how just about every institution in this city is now run by publicly funded apparatchiks dancing to all the wrong tunes. By our correspondent with the stash and the bass bins.

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2 Responses to Ashton Court RIP

  1. Yowsah! says:

    What a shite song!

  2. Emerald says:

    Kerry McCarthy appears to have censored a seemingly innocuous comment (no swearing or un-PC speech, yer honour) I left on her blog on the subject of the smoking ban. Being an okkard sod I resent this, and seek redress here on BB’s bastion of free speech …

    In response to what Dave A wrote: “I trust you have read the news that since the smoking ban, smoking has gone up, especially among the 16-34 years olds. Smoking is now cool, rebellious and the ideal way to stick two fingers up to the nanny state. The inference too is that people are smoking and drinking at home on an industrial scale. Instead of going down the pub they maybe doing it in front of their kids.”

    More worrying still is the likelihood that many people, having been forced out of pubs by the smoking ban are now socializing in much less safe places. For example, in most pubs it is not possible to buy, sell or consume other drugs as they are highly surveilled environments. Doubtless many people (and their children) are now being exposed to substantially increased risks in more informal environments and shebeens that are doubtless springing up as pubs close down.

    Has the Government thought this through?

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