Who is the Bristol Blogger?

Seems to be the question everybody’s asking and some are answering. Suggestions sent to this site include Cancer editor Mike Norton (I kid you not!), a variety of Venue hacks – do I really sound anything like Daryl Bullock? – and a variety of people I’ve never heard of usually accompanied with addresses, emails and phone numbers IN BIG CAPITAL LETTERS. Thank god WordPress don’t do green ink…

However the most surreal suggestion so far comes courtesy of an anonymous super-sleuth on Charlie Bolton’s blog:

Bolton blog

So that’s that settled then. The Blogger is Diane Bunyan’s partner. What next? Will The Blogger be unmasked as Richard Eddy’s brother?

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8 Responses to Who is the Bristol Blogger?

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  2. paul nash says:

    a tosser full stop.

  3. S F says:

    I think the suggestion that you are Ian Bone has got to be close. Mr Bone doesnt put ANYTHING about Bristol on his official website. He must be itching to spout his usual Bristolian-style talk, and an anonymous blog would give him that chance. He would say almost the same as you, too…

  4. test says:

    The bristol blogger is either XXxxxx ( http://www.Xxxxxxxxxx) or Xxxxx Xxxxxxx ( http://www.Xxxxxxxxx ) possibly a combination of the two.

  5. thebristolblogger says:

    I have no idea who these people are and I don’t see why their names should be randomly distributed around the internet.

  6. Paul Smith says:

    I thought you were Richard Eddy after drinking Dr Jekyll’s potion (or is it the other way around?)

  7. redzone says:

    for me , it’s not really that important who the bristol blogger is.
    what is refreshing is that somebody out there is ruffling the feathers of our incompetent local politicians & showing them up for the useless tossers they really are!!
    keep up the good work b/b.

  8. CP says:

    I agree 🙂

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