Two jags to two homes?

I see “real Labour” candidate for the Labour Deputy leadership, John Crud Arse was in Bristol on Saturday campaigning for more council housing.

Doubt he mentioned the council house he owns in Dagenham – where there is an acute shortage of cheap family accommodation – that he never uses just 13 miles from his workplace in Westminster. Also doubt he mentioned anything about his other £500,000 home in Notting Hill – he does use – paid for out of his MPs expenses from public funds.

The Notting Hill home has proved especially useful as it enables Crud Arse to send his son to the Cardinal Vaughan Memorial School, one of the most selective state schools in the country, half a mile away in Holland Park.

Predictably as a representative of “real Labour” Crud Arse is against selective schools for everybody else. Hypocrite Crud Arse is supported in his bid for the deputy leadership by the Amicus and T&G unions.

Elsewhere, Bristol Labour group leader, Helen Holland says of Saturday’s meeting: “All of them are promising to make a re-engagement with the party and listen to what it wants to do.”

Of course they are Helen. That’s why they elected that psychotic control freak Gordon Brown as Prime Minister because he’s really going to listen to the grass roots of the Labour Party isn’t he? Just like he’s been doing for the last 13 years.

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