Sunday Times' punk's not dead shocker!

Sunday Times Punk

Sitting here listening to my free ‘Anarchy in the UK: 30 years of punk’ compilation courtesy of The Sunday Times I find myself agreeing with Banksy in a recent Independent interview:

“I love the way capitalism finds a place – even for its enemies. It’s definitely boom time in the discontent industry.”

Are there Sunday Times readers across the country pogoing around the living room and getting into tinny live versions of The Buzzcocks’ ‘Boredom’ and admiring ‘Germ Free Adolescents’ as they flick through the Style section?

There was at least one bona fide classic on the disc though. An acoustic version of Wreckless Eric’s monumental ‘Whole Wide World’ that I’d never heard before. Part 2 next week. Here’s hoping it’s got Larry Wallis’s ‘I’m a police car’ on it.

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  1. paul nash says:

    punk was beautifil working class music until the left-wing shit fucked it up

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