Labouring under an illusion?

A Labour Party story crudely planted on today’s front page of The Evening Cancer – Who’s in charge? – threatens stalemate and meltdown at The Council House unless the Lib Dems reverse their home care privatisation plans as Labour is demanding.

Labour leader Helen Holland, obviously the source of the story, is quoted at length in the paper – seemingly happy to spout an unvarnished Labour line – calling on the Tories to support Labour in demanding that the Lib Dems run their minority administration on her terms.

Meanwhile “Consistent” Stevie Comer, the new Lib Dem leader, is still keeping his counsel, confining himself to a brief statement: “Discussions between the parties will need to take place before the [full council meeting on Tuesday].”

Once again – given the opportunity – Comer has failed to confirm he intends to run a minority administration. Maybe Helen Holland is going to be in for a shock on Tuesday? Will she find she actually has to implement her election promises rather than sanctimoniously issuing directives to her opponents in the pages of the right wing press?

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