Election stuff to make you raise an eyebrow

Some eyebrow raising in Hillfields at present as the Labour candidate, Martin Golding puts out a leaflet assuring the electorate he “lives locally”. Shame his nomination papers list his address as upmarket Westbury-on-Trym on the other side of town then.

Considerable levels of eyebrow raising in Windmill Hill too. The Green candidate there, Stephen Petter, explains at some length on his leaflet how The Greens differ from all the other “grey parties”. Not when it comes to putting bollocks on election leaflets they don’t. Petter says, “I live in Redcatch Road near the centre of the ward”. Which is one way of saying you don’t actually live in the ward!

And finally a few eyebrows raised around Hartcliffe after the Evening Cancer’s local election guide to the area was printed last Thursday. “The riots of [1992] – in Symes Avenue,” said the paper, “were sparked following the deaths of two men who fell off a motorbike during a police pursuit.” Just ‘fell off’ did they? No collision with an unmarked police car you feel need to mention?

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  1. S F says:

    The Liberals say the Hillfields candidate is apparently under police electoral law investigation over something to do with his address – a comment which if even remotely untrue would have provoked a storm of legal response from Labour lawyers. The utter silence of Labour on that matter suggests the Liberals have rumbled something interesting. I guess we wont find out about the details till after the election, but might there be a by-election forced?

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