Election predictions

The Blogger is not doing ward-by-ward predictions as it’s too complicated and some of the contests involve very local affairs and isuues and are too tough to call. However, overall The Blogger thinks it will pan out something like this:

Tories – to gain 2-4 seats

Labour – to lose 2-4 seats

Lib Dems – to lose 1 – 3 seats

Greens – to gain 0- 2 seats

BNP – Will do well to get into 3 figures anywhere

Overall winners on the night – Tories. Result hung council – Lib Dem minority administration.

Happy voting!

The Blogger will be blogging live on his laptop from Stephen McNamara’s office at The Council House this evening. Witness EXCLUSIVELY all the thrills and spills of election night as they happen!

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  1. Tom F says:

    I guess you were slightly out.

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