Another bloody shambles!

Having fought an election campaign “to save home care”, Bristol Labour Party have now declined the opportunity to do so!

After rejecting Lib Dem efforts earlier this evening to form a minority administration to run the city, the Labour Party have declined to form their own administration claiming they “need guarantees”.

This leaves the city leaderless and rudderless and Home Care workers furious. Many of them went out and campaigned for the Labour Party at the behest of their T&G bosses at these elections on the basis that Labour would save their jobs. But when Labour’s given the opportunity to make good on that promise they declined.

Never mind, at least the home care workers helped T&G boss Alan Benyon’s son get elected to right royally shaft them. Oh dear. What a cock-up!

The council will meet again next Tuesday to try and get some leadership together.

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3 Responses to Another bloody shambles!

  1. S F says:

    What a surprise…not. The pigeons are coming home to roost from the Union backed Labour campaign. The unions put their hours of work in to get Labour a good election result, and now they want their reward – which of course Labour was never intending to pay out on. Labour betrays the home-care workers, again.

    The Tories of course are milking this for all they can, as they have nothing to lose from any course of action (well, except not making any gains in the elections because they did the running for Labour!) Although, if they have to prop up a Lab/Con coalition they will obviously lose votes big time in the north and west of the city.

    The Council is now in breach of the law I understand. I dont think the law will look kindly on those parties that voted down all the possible courses of action!

  2. blugger says:

    The Council does still have a leader – Its the luvly Barbara ‘Call me Madam’ Janke, we are in safe hands

  3. S F says:

    No it doesnt. As she isnt the liberal leader any more, she resigned when the other parties effectively voted the liberals out.

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