Achieving the desired effect


Over on Bristol Indymedia some limp-wristed liberal is getting their sandals in a twist over my use of the term, er… Limp-wristed!

“It’s homophobic,” they thunder, “You’re worse than Jeremy Clarkson.”

Blimey. Pretty bad, eh? Let’s just think about world history for a moment – Genghis Khan… The Spanish Inquisition… Napoleon… Hitler… Stalin… Pol Pot… BBC Motoring Correspondents! Peas in a pod or wot?

Hopefully this middle class wanker will leave us all alone tomorrow when they ponce off back to their ‘Clare in the Community’, promoting-the-diversity-agenda non-job in some long-suffering, government-defined community where they can continue the important work of policing the language of the working classes for signs of Clarksonesque deviance.

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