Truth 2007

Big up to Bristol-based Operation Truth 2007 who interrupted today’s service at Bristol Cathedral celebrating the 200th Anniversary of the Abolition of the Slave Trade.

Protestor Jendayi Serwah was led away by police after getting into the Cathedral and banging a drum. Meanwhile outside 12 more protestors made their presence felt. As one put it: “Where are the tickets for the African people of Bristol? We are left standing outside.”

A good question. The service was led by that distinctly white terminal idiot the Rev. Mike, Bishop of Bristol and was largely attended by white appointed worthies such as The Lord Lieutenant, Jay Tidmarsh – a Merchant Venturer.

The Venturers, of course, profited from the slave trade and were handsomely compensated when it was abolished. Presumably Mr Tidmarsh and his Venturer sidekicks were at the service to celebrate their rather good fortune?

Other attendees included the typical crowd of wannabees, only too happy to fawn over Tidmarsh and his gang of rogues – Council Leader Barbara Janke, Lord Mayor Peter Abrahams, councillors at a loose end, the usual voluntary sector yes-people and a load of white middle class hangers-on.

Well done Bristol. Another feather in the cap.

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