RED TROUSER GATE: the community CONsultation

Another interesting aspect of the ongoing dispute over George Ferguson’s plans to build on the Railway Path at Greenbank comes to light …

So far it’s gone entirely unreported that a paper petition containing 731 signatures from local people opposing the development was presented to last week’s full council meeting.

That doesn’t sound like many people I hear you say. But it’s a damn sight more than have got involved in George and his PR firm’s “exemplar consultation process“.

At their last event they got just 79 people along and many of those were against the development anyway. Although we don’t know exactly how many because George’s PR, the ridiculous Jenny Gee – who perhaps could get a senior job at the council if things don’t work out in PR – didn’t bother to write anything down.

So will George’s employees at the city council’s planning department take any notice of this overwhelming rejection from the local community? Or will they continue to assure us – and more importantly – the planning committee that George’s dodgy consultations have proved the community are still right behind his housing estate?

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4 Responses to RED TROUSER GATE: the community CONsultation

  1. ambrose says:

    Sounds familiar – The CONsultation for the Sefton Park school expansion had meetings with only
    29 parents & 27 residents.

    Meetings weren’t minuted!

  2. Jozer says:

    If they don’t take any notes, then they can’t be serious about making any changes on the basis of the meetings. CONsultation indeed!

  3. Holly says:

    What happened to the following blog? It was a great record of the hawthorn hedge and the land in question.

    There are other photos of the Railway Path here:

  4. Chris Hutt says:

    The hedge has its own blog at

    The keepthebankgreen site has been replaced with

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