The Copenhagen mystery

That pitifully thick Clifton Tory-in-disguise that calls herself the leader of this city, Barbara Janke, gave a pitifully thick explanation for flying to Copenhagen to save the planet by doing her Christmas shopping – along with two colleagues, between them wasting enough carbon to circumnavigate the globe three times – to Bristol 24-7:

“I am intending to fly,” explained the gormless west Bristol housewife, “because I am only able to be there for two days. To travel by other means would mean I could not go.”

Barbara confirmed this version of events when her ever-loyal corporate yes-man in a cheap shiny suit, Stephen Hilton from Connecting Bristol, told everyone via Barbara’s brand shiny new planet-saving Twitter account (@Barbara_Janke), “I’ll be trying this out to report back from the Copenhagen summit. I’m there from Mon 14th to Wed 16th Dec”

Really? Babs is there from Monday until Wednesday is she? So how come her Lib Dem colleague Neil Harrison says on his blog today, ”

“Barbara has gone to Copenhagen today too and she has flown.”

That’s a very long flight … Or is she spending the weekend there? What better way is there to get a feel for Copenhagenisation than to shop on the Stroget and other traffic free streets?

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7 Responses to The Copenhagen mystery

  1. Gnome says:

    BB maybe she’s dashed off there early, in her own time, but at our expense, in order to take part in Saturday’s March for Climate Justice ( It is apparently a family friendly demo, which as we all know is ideal cover for those like Janket who like nothing better than to lay a city to waste. Of course masked up we’ll never recognise her!

  2. SteveL says:

    Hey, at least they didn’t fly cllr shirley out from florida

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  4. Rosso Verde says:

    Presumably she didn’t want to mix with the mere mortals who were on the train organised to get people there.

  5. inks says:

    At first sight it’s odd our council leader is going to the Copenhagen conference. It turns out only three UK council leaders are going and it’s part of some European green cities competitiveness. I feel it’s basically a good thing for Bristol we’re up there and taking green issues seriously.

    Flying there is a big mistake though. It sends out completely the wrong signals and, of course, churns out a shitload of CO2. Bristol is the UK’s first cycling city; wouldn’t it have been fantastic for Janke to have cycled to Copenhagen? Impractical perhaps, but wow, that’d have put Bristol on the map.

    A train or teleconferencing would have been good to see. Flying to Copenhagen just says “I don’t get it”.

  6. so a group of european cities have organised a meeting at Copenhagen, sounds like a vanity meetings rather than something that is required.

  7. We went to copenhagen (7 of us from uni..)

    26 hours on the way there by coach.
    24 hours on the way back by coach.

    Funny, we managed it.

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