Missing in action: Stephen McNamara

Is that a lycra-clad lawyer clutching an old wig I see disappearing over the horizon?
The Bristol Blogger, November 25 2009

Yep, as predicted, the tragic old wig-wearer has done a runner. As a major care scandal gently laps at the doors of his Council House and a local citizen openly invites the city’s legal boss to court, it seems Stephen McNamara has buggered off on holiday until 29 December! Just the man for a crisis.

I wonder, is anyone actually available at the Counts Louse today or are they all cowering in the basement referring everyone to their PAs?

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2 Responses to Missing in action: Stephen McNamara

  1. woodsy says:

    December 29th? Isn’t the Counts Louse closed for a fortnight over the Christmas/New year period?

    I detect the smell of rodent…

  2. BWS says:

    The honourable legal one you talk about may have a lot of other issues to impart/surpress. contact me

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