Overheard: slap for a clap

Intellectually-challenged primary school teacher and only person dumb enough to lead that pointless rump of out-of-touch middle class idiots who now make up the remains of Bristol Labour Party, Helen Holland, did what she does best on Wednesday night … Piss people off!

The Blogger learns Ms Holland spent the whole of the stadium planning meeting making eyes at Colin Sexstone and applauding vigorously every time a positive comment was made about Colin’s enormous potential erection and the possibility of him getting it up on Ashton Vale.

This peculiarly partisan behaviour at – what was sold to us as – a non-partisan “quasi judicial” meeting didn’t go down particularly well with the residents in what used to be rock solid Labour Ashton Vale, apparently.

And after the meeting at least one rather harmless looking older female resident of Ashton Vale marched up to Holland and announced, “if you ever come on my doorstep I’m going to fucking slap you”!

Excellent. Who needs a stadium with spectator sport that good on offer? Perhaps the Labour Party could let us know when they intend to canvass Ashton Vale next so we can all come and watch?

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11 Responses to Overheard: slap for a clap

  1. dreamingspire says:

    HH believes in the notion of the word event: say the word and it happens. Like her tram project that never had permission (at the time needed from the then SRA) to use Filton Bank, and could not tunnel under the M5 like the first plan needed it to do – so its final plan showed it wondering off to nowhere really.
    I am indebted to Friday’s Cancer for giving us a clear map of the proposed stadium’s site, indicating that it will be built on a former landfill area – so the land had already been desecrated. It would be interesting to know how far its current condition is a return to the pre-landfill state (one assumes, perhaps naively, that its current elevation is higher than it was historically).

  2. Ashton Vale Supporter says:

    I was sitting directly behind Councillors Sean ‘bully’ Beynon, Richard ‘dick’ Eddy and Helen ‘horrible’ Holland and they spent the whole meeting making loud comments about anyone who stood up to oppose the stadium and then tried to force a vote by making rude comments about those on the Committee that were askng legitimate questions. AND they weren’t even on the Committee and had no vote to cast. At least the senior Lib Dems that also supported the stadium had the decency to stay away and let the meeting take its course.

    I heard the Council had extra security that night, but they needn’t have worried about the City supporters who all behaved with dignity and respect. It’s Beynon, Eddy and Holland who should be expelled from the Council House at the earliest opportunity.

  3. thebristolblogger says:

    So much for the “quasi judicial” planning process then.

    I wonder, do Holland, Eddy and Beynon head down to the Crown Courts to heckle the jury on a regular basis?

  4. ht says:

    How “quasi judicial” can it be if the person advising councillors on their legal duties is ‘quasi head of legal’ McNamara

  5. chris hutt says:

    Pure coincidence I suppose that the three Lib-Dems who voted for approval were sitting directly in front of the taunting trio of Holland, Eddy and Benyon while the two who voted against were sitting opposite (in front of the BCFC supporters as it happened).

  6. thebristolblogger says:

    Interesting that the chair – who’s job it should be to stop this kind of thing – did nothing. (When the public heckle the black clad goon squad are sent in)

    Who’s Cjair Alexander’s boss then? Oh! Richard Eddy …

  7. Spud says:

    Bloggie dahling,

    You said: “Principles aren’t worth a bucket of warm piss if they get well and truly shafted every time they’re confronted by power.”

    Rayner and Hance voted against the stadium. They stood by their principles. The fact that they didn’t take a leadership role and bring the rest of the lib dems with them is precisely because they are ‘rookies’. You can’t have it both ways.
    Are you saying only those that don’t get shafted by power are worthy of support.

    You need to sort out who your target is. Or you could just remain an anonymous whinging oppo, whose principles aren’t worth a bucket of cold piss.

  8. Mari says:

    I agree, why can’t they just keep their own stadium. I hate football yobs.

  9. Mr Ethical says:

    I was there too on Wednesday night and also saw the bullying and the harrassing behaviour of Holland, Eddy, and Beynon. A total disgrace. I could have cheerfully wiped the smug grins off their faces.

    Well done to Fi and Simon for standing their ground, these two have a great future in local politics.

  10. Get Out says:

    Holland and Eddy are masters at playing to the gallery and it was no surprise they lapped it up on the night.

    I heard one of the Lib Dem cllrs who sat in front of the heckling trio express extreme annoyance afterwards.

  11. Rosso Verde says:

    Fair enough to the 2 lib dems, perhaps they haven’t been on the council long enough to be corrupted by the cynical money machine politics of it all.
    They should perhaps examine why they are in the same party as Janke etc…
    Good at winning elections, not much cop at anything else.

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