Lizard watchers conference joy

Hey, don’t miss the ‘Alternative View 3‘ event this weekend at the Bristol Thistle Grand Hotel in Broad Street.

It says here that it’s delivering nothing less than “The truth rarely spoken by politicians, “big pharma” or the mass media” and its specifically aimed at those of us “well aware of the acceleration of the global fear agenda” or nutters who believe any bollocks they read on the internet as they’re better known.

In a very optimistic act of billing, ‘singer-songwriter’ Gareth Icke (His Holiness David’s son, I believe?) will be performing as part of a programme of entertainment alongside speakers on ‘free men’, ‘the human microchipping agenda’, ‘the esoteric dimension of the 21st century’and other fascinating subjects They Don’t Want You To Know About ® …

Other highlights include Plymouth’s Brian Gerrish talking about ‘Child Stealing by the State’. Or if you want to cut out the state middleman and kill your own children why not get down to hear Trevor Gunn BSc Hons LCH RSH at 12 noon tomorrow talking about ‘Vaccination – The Evidence and Alternative Ways of Looking at Health’?

And – further confirmation that Parliament is full of retarded idiots – Lib Dem Norman Baker MP will be in attendance, talking about ‘The Strange Death of Dr Kelly’ and hawking his pile of shite book on the subject.

Tinfoil helmets at the ready …

(I’m really looking forward to the comments on this)

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3 Responses to Lizard watchers conference joy

  1. chris hutt says:

    Brian Gerrish is the guy who’s made a crusade of exposing Common Purpose as some kind of alien infiltration. I’m ashamed to say I’m quite sympathetic to the idea.

  2. dreamingspire says:

    You have to pay for this! £65 to hear Norman Baker MP, the LD Shadow on transport when he’s not worrying over other things!

  3. Edward says:

    Do you remember earlier on this year about Simon Caplan, Ashy McKay et al. Well Ashy has turned up at Stoke on Trent in charge of Economic Development making several people redundant ( what a great Christmas present for them) and unecessary sweeping changes without rhyme or reason. The people from the ‘Potteries’ have found out that she was fired from Bristol Council but why is the burning question?? Can the Bristol Bloggers anonymously help in giving some background to this person?

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