Something for the weekend no. 1: a gun to your head …

I’m sure when this all started any direct link between Tesco and the new stadium was being vigorously denied and rebutted. Now they’re advertising the fact on billboards:

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4 Responses to Something for the weekend no. 1: a gun to your head …

  1. Shows that they know they can’t justify a Tesco in its own right – they can only do it by claiming it’s an ‘enabling development’ and raise the hype until the politicians feel bullied into agreeing.

  2. Tony Dyer says:

    Apparently, looking at that hoarding, the entire regeneration of the whole of South Bristol is utterly reliant on the building of a superstore at Ashton Gate.

    Forget investment in employment opportunities, forget improvement of education facilities, forget decent housing provision, forget public transport infrastructure, forget the new hospital, the healthplex and anything else you might normally think of as ways of regenerating an urban area because they are all wrong.

    All of the above is utterly useless investment unless we are able to buy our tins of baked beans from a third major supermarket in the Bedminster area!

  3. organiclocal says:

    Poster wouldn’t last long on North St. Still waiting for gutless Lansdown/Sextone or any of their gophers to explain all these benefits at a public meeting.

  4. thebristolblogger says:

    Oddly, using retail jobs to regenerate South Bristol was quite specifically rejected by Lib Dem Cabinet member, Mark Wright, over on the Ring Road thread.

    Our aim is to “open up” (yes, that’s right) outer south Bristol for real business and industrial investment that brings jobs – aspirational jobs, not just retail jobs – to the area for the first time in generations.

    Is the local football team now running South Bristol’s economic policy?

    But why would anyone in their right mind take economic advice from a business losing £2m a year?

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