Off the Wall

Sir Bob battles it out with Bruce Lee in the early 70s

Sir Bob battles it out with Bruce Lee in the early 70s

The Evening Cancer’s innovative experiment to become the country’s leading staffless newspaper continues apace …

The death this week of the Tory’s ‘father of the city’ – bluff old cove and enthusiastic Bristolian reader Bob Wall – found editor Norton’s malfunctioning organ in a sombre state.

‘Mr Bristol’ Sir Robert dies at 80,” intoned the paper on Tuesday before launching in to a gushing tribute to Sir Bob accompanied by a photo of someone else entirely! And for good measure the paper also misspelled his daughter’s name!

Wednesday then found the paper in a contrite state, dedicating an editorial and a whole page to Sir Bob that even featured an actual photo of him and the headline ‘The best MP that Bristol never had’.

Talk about damn with faint praise. Given the esteem that MPs are currently held in, short of describing Bob as the best terrorist Bristol never had or the best rapist Bristol never had is there a bigger insult you could throw at him?

Here at the Blogger, we’re happy to say that – in a highly competitive field stretching back over many generations – Bob might well have been the best Tory kung fu black belt the city’s ever had.

RIP Bob.

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  1. jonesthenews says:

    I thought the line about him being the best MP Bristol never had was superb.

    It was so superb in fact that I enjoyed reading it just as much when it appeared in the Post as I did when I first read it on the press release sent out by Richard Eddy.

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