Apology: Bob Wall

Due to an unfortunate mix-up on Friday, this blog accidentally published a photograph of Canadian ice hockey legend Bob Wall in an article about ‘Mr Bristol’, the recently deceased former Bristol Tory Group leader, Sir Bob Wall.

We would obviously like to apologise to Sir Bob’s family for any offence caused by this unfortunate misunderstanding. We are also happy to say that Sir Bob, to the best of out knowledge, never played defence for the Hamilton Red Wings ice hockey team and indeed probably never played ice hockey in his entire life.

Due to a freakish transcription error we may have also accidentally suggested that Sir Bob used to cross dress in the 1980s. We are happy to confirm we have no evidence whatsoever that Sir Bob ever wore a dress in that decade. That would have been something to do with the East Bristol Lib Dems wouldn’t it?

(That’s enough Bob Wall photo confusion, Ed)

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  1. colin says:

    I can’t believe anyone could write about such a nice man in such a horrible way. Fortunately, knowing Bob he probably would have treated it with the contempt it deserves and raised his glass with a twinkle in his eye. I wish I were half than man Bob was!

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