Resurrected Red Dawn rises?

Actually I very much doubt it …

But I was re-reading one of Dawn’s HearFromYourMP alerts – the sterile monthly dirge the Dim Prawn delivers direct to my mailbox – from July, which had this to say about the Tesco at Ashton Gate:


Several residents have contacted me about the future of the Ashton Gate site. As readers will know, Bristol City have announced proposals to move to a new stadium in Ashton Vale.

The football club have confirmed that they are in negotiations with Tesco to sell them the current site of the stadium.

Planning applications will be submitted in the coming months, and it’s absolutely essential that local residents are given every opportunity to have their say.

Whilst I support the ambitions of the club, I do appreciate that some residents have concerns about the impact of a new Tesco store.

I will be doing all I can to make sure that Tesco and Bristol City keep residents informed, and that the Council’s planning department ensure that they engage local people, and take note of their views.

Well, we already know that council’s planning department have done nothing whatsoever to engage local people while holding plenty of secret meetings with Steve Lansdown’s representatives don’t we?

And we now know from “Sweaty” Cook that the council intends not to hold any consultation in the future because “There has been considerable discussion and consultation over the development as a whole where individuals have had every opportunity to express their views”.

So what’s Dawn gonna do now? Is South Bristol’s great left wing firebrand going to get out there on behalf of her constituents and start demanding the council consult residents as she promised she woud?

Are we about to witness the new rise of Red Dawn?

Don’t bank on it. Dawn’s first opportunity to support her constituents and demonstrate she means what she says was on Thursday when the anti-Ashton Gate Tesco group, Berate, invited her to a public meeting.

Alas, to the howls of derision and hisses that regularly seem to accompany any mention of Dawn’s name in South Bristol, Dawn’s apologies were announced …

Meanwhile Private Eye reports this week that the government are looking to sell on some of the basket case banks they’ve bought over the last year. And the puchaser they have in mind? Step forward … Tesco!!!

Dawn’s boss, that public school former-Trot twerp Alistair Darling, has already made a high profile meet ‘n’ greet visit to Tesco’s Glasgow-based personal finance call centre while Tesco are busy headhunting various Labour-friendly failed bankers, we’re told.

Tesco will also be busy at Labour’s conference next week as they have been since 2003. No doubt they’ll be there in Brighton happily feeding and picking up the bar tab for members of the people’s party out of sheer goodwill and generosity?

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  2. Harvey says:

    I believe there is a clip on you tube which is useful in demonstrating , to the unenlightened , what a consummate politician Dawn is…

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