"A new era for the site"?

Was it only two years ago John from Urban Splash was on this blog talking about “a new era” for Hartcliffe’s Imperial Tobbacco factory site?

“We are making a massive investment into this area ensuring it will be a success,” he assured us cynics about their Lakeshore development (Blogger  passim).

Not any more they’re not. Their massive investment into overpriced flats with trendy “green” lifestyle add-ons is now being made by you and me instead.

For the Blogger learns, that the developers – the once painfully trendy but now just painfully skint, Urban Splash – who are already two years behind schedule, are now seeking a government bail out.

It’s understood the only chance of this development seeing the light of day is through the Homes & Communities Agency’s £1 billion Kickstart programme.

Will this also mean that the tiny overpriced flats originally sold at rip-off prices to investors two years ago will be repriced and repackaged to reflect reality and what people can really afford?

(Cartoon by Evelyn Post. Evelyn Post is The Bristol Blogger’s resident cartoonist. He has a woman’s name)

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4 Responses to "A new era for the site"?

  1. dreamingspire says:

    Splish, splash, splosh…drowneded. Serves them right for calling themselves Urban Splash.

  2. chris hutt says:

    Lake Shore = Lack Surety?

  3. woodsy says:

    The company financial information on Urban Splash’s website does not appear to have been updated any later than 2006. A case of bad news is no news?

    In addition following a link for ‘Residential lettings in the South West’ takes you to a page with very attractive properties in such far-flung corners of the West Country as Bradford, Manchester and Birmingham.

    I wonder if their building standards are any better than their website…

  4. anon-y-mouse says:

    If the government is funding the Homes & Communities Agency’s £1 billion Kickstart programme, that means we’re paying for it!

    Why should single people like myself, stuck in the rental trap, keep on bailing out the greedy fuckers who borrow beyond their means and then expect the rest of the nation to fund their mortgages?

    By the way, the HCA has just acquired more of our green space which along with Blackberry Hill Hospital looks set for development.

    I hope the Save Our Green Belt campaigners will offer their strength and support to local people so they can fight this development which falls within a conservation area. Laundry Field is also part of the Parks & Green Space Strategy.

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