Tesco: value range vagueness from the Dim Prawn

Lucky recipients of South Bristol MP Dawn Primarolo’s ‘Hear From Your MP’ e-newsletter will have already read the Prawn’s fence-sitting on Tesco’s at Ashton Gate. But here it is for the rest of you:


Several residents have contacted me about the future of the Ashton Gate site. As readers will know, Bristol City have announced proposals to move to a new stadium in Ashton Vale. The football club have confirmed that they are in negotiations with Tesco to sell them the current site of the stadium. Planning applications will be submitted in the coming months, and it’s absolutely essential that local residents are given every opportunity to have their say. Whilst I support the ambitions of the club, I do appreciate that some residents have concerns about the impact of a new Tesco store. I will be doing all I can to make sure that Tesco and Bristol City keep residents informed, and that the Council’s planning department ensure that they engage local people, and take note of their views.

Using my rapidly developing Tescological interpretive skills I’d say the Prawn is broadly against but is a bit shit scared of rich boy Stevie Lansdown and his populist World Cup schtick.

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4 Responses to Tesco: value range vagueness from the Dim Prawn

  1. Harvey says:

    I believe that Private Eye have a long running Andrew Neil in vest ‘meme’.

    Is there perhaps a clip of Dawn , running say , from a news reporter, that might help illustrate , for the unitiated , Dim’s sharp political antennae and smooth media skills?

  2. thebristolblogger says:


  3. Will says:

    That is all fairy muff.

  4. China Doll says:

    Does Prawny sit in the back of her car, the way her head was wobbling up and down back and forth she looked like one of those nodding dogs!!

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