MP "Two Beds" in Habitat bath tidy Scamalot shocker!!!

Another bad day for Bristol politics. We can’t even do the MPs expenses scandal – ‘Scamalot’ – with any class or style.

While the rest of the country is getting suitably worked up over whipping, flipping, double dipping and egregious claims for moat dredging, duck islands, multiple homes, electric gates and all those other “unfortunate errors in accounting”, what do we get?

Bristol East MP Kerry sodding McCarthy’s phantom bed and £17.50 bath tidy from Habitat.

Shit. How are us bloggers supposed to stay in business with material this thin?

Just goes to show: Tories claim expenses in poetry while Labour claim them in prose …

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5 Responses to MP "Two Beds" in Habitat bath tidy Scamalot shocker!!!

  1. chris hutt says:

    Now it’s Roger “the Toaster” Berry’s turn. Not a bad effort for a Labour MP. Those extra years in the House are reflected in his higher aspirations.

  2. What I want to know, is why she wanted the second bed. We all know she says it was a mistake… but is a phantom bed really the sort of thing you’d forget? I can still remember all the piddling little problems from when we moved into our current gaff 15 years ago… how she can forget these things after such a short space of time is beyond me… unless of course our politicians are specially chosen for their malfunctioning brains!

    I suspect that the truth is something that Ms McCarthy is trying to keep shtumm. Was it really a phantom bed? Was the phantom bed real? Were the 2 beds double beds? Why did she want 2 double beds? Was it so that she could push them together and make a quadruple bed? Why would an MP want to make a quadruple bed?

    Bristol Blogger has already revealed the strange ways of Bristol’s ruling class in the Mike Norton goat affair…

    I recently re-read “Metamorphoses or The Golden Asse” by Lucis Apuleius… chapter the forty-fifth…

    …makes yer fink dunnit?

  3. Glenn Vowles says:

    Tend to agree with you BB. You’d have plenty more to say and do if Anthony Sheen was a local MP. He claimed for planting 500 trees on his estate and called his constutuents ‘jealous’, adding that they had no right to interfere in his private life!! He’s like something out of a Monty Python sketch!

  4. john jones says:

    Seriously unimpressive Local MP, Corston was comotose but this one is a serial party loyalist. If you check her H of C voting record she has not rebelled once. Given some of the dire stuff that has gone been passed through in the last few years you would have to intellectually and morally stunted not to pause at some point and think ‘hang on on this ones not for me’. She was particularly vapid and spineless on the Gurka issue.

    Is she as bad as Sister Dawn?. Probably not. But then who is?.

    On more controversial territory her dress sense, like most of the wimmin in the PLP, seems to suggest that pride in appearence is some kind of original sin to be purged.

  5. Holly says:

    Maybe the bed would have been sold on and some cash pocketed?

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