Bristol's grand censor-in-chief

I see our old friend Steve Norman’s asking a question of  leader “Call me ma’m” Janke tomorrow at cabinet about Mimosa Healthcare and the morbidly dangerous levels of care they provide on her behalf to our city’s elderly people.

I wonder if the city’s new self-styled censor, council ‘legal’ advisor Stephen McNamara, will be on hand again with his security goons to throw Steve out of the Counts Louse if he doesn’t like the sound of the supplementary question?

No doubt too our councillors will sit there mute if their so-called ‘legal expert’ decides to roundly abuse fundamental aspects of the British Constitution all over again?

Tell me, when exactly did this unelected nobody of a local government officer get granted the power of judge and jury?

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  1. loyal reader says:

    Those who have seen the film “Shakespeare in Love” will recall Simon Callow playing a very pompous Lord Chamberlain – who in those days acted as the state censor.

    Having bellowed Her Majesty’s name once too often he is tartly rebuked by Queen Elizabeth thus “have a care for my name Lord Chamberlain or you will wear it out”.

    Perhaps Mr McNamara could Bristol’s very own Lord Chamberlain ?

  2. … or maybe even Bristol’s very own knob-end!

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