Shirley not?

I hope local members of the teaching profession are making use of some of the excellent teaching materials designed by Bristol City Council’s Ethnic Minority Achievement Service (Emas4success) that make sure our kids are right up-to-speed and all tickety-boo with our council’s cutting-edge approach to the equalities and diversity agenda.

Here at the Blogger, we’re particularly impressed with the exclusive Shirley Marshall teaching materials they have available.

They’ve even kindly included some suggested activities based on Shirley’s life for teachers to ram down our lucky children’s throats. Like this:

Who is this?
Provide pupils with pictures and clues to build up profile of Shirley Marshall.

Perhaps pictures and clues of things like coconuts and maps of Florida might be useful here?

Here’s another amazing Shirley activity for the kids:

Believe in yourself
‘I can’ circle times and sentences.
Take photos and create positive ‘I can’ or ‘We can’ display e.g. ‘I can speak 2 languages’ or ‘We can speak (insert number) languages in our class.’

Great idea. Why not use some pictures of fruit alongside people’s photos to create a really grown-up Bristol City Council-style positive “We can really insult people” display?

Shirley even goes to the trouble of leaving a personal message just for our kids too:

“Success is in the hand of the believer. You have to believe in yourself, never be distracted, keep focused, and you can make it. Education is the key”.

Indeed it is. And when does Shirley intend to get this all-important education?

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6 Responses to Shirley not?

  1. Pootle says:

    You mean Shirley Brown, not Shirley Marshall.

  2. BristleKRS says:

    Shirley Marshall is Shirley Brown is Shirley Marshall… Also, the EMAS4 profile refers to her as Shirley Marshall throughout (whilst acknowledging that she took the surname Brown in 2007).

    Her Bristol City Council email address appears to still be (not that she ever seems inclined to reply to any of my emails regarding ward matters).

  3. BristleKRS says:

    Oh, and the Bristol LibDems website still has her down as Shirley Marshall:

  4. BristleKRS says:

    Apologies for the split infinitive ^ BTW 😮

  5. Pootle says:

    Whoops… sorry.

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