It’s about child protection really, but the latest Laming report (pdf) published this week makes some interesting comments in a general sense about well-paid town hall managers:

The time is long past when the most junior employee should carry the heaviest burden of accountability.

The performance and effectiveness of the most senior managers in each of these services should be assessed against the quality of the outcomes.

While Laming told a press conference on Thursday:

Alongside the titles and the salaries must be the public accountability that goes with the job.

The personal accountability of the most senior managers in all of the public services now needs to be fully understood.

Well said that man. If you’re taking a six-figure salary then you take responsibility. Personally and publicly. No hiding behind councillors. No blaming subordinates. No quiet resignations and payoffs.

And yes. I’m talking about you David Bishop. It’s time you faced the public and explained your conduct. That’s what you get paid the big bucks for – not for hiding away like a coward.

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  1. Sorry, what did you say Jon? Something about it being out of order having a go at officers beacuse they can’t handle back? Something about how we should direct our wrath at our elected concillors instead? It seems that Lord Laminmg begs to differ…

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