Helen Holland reckons this is defamatory. So I'll publish it …

Yep. Helen reckons the email below is defamatory and – wait for it – she’s “referred the correspondence to the Head of Legal Services in the City Council”. Ooh er missus! McNamara’s on the case.

Please see this article for further details. And look out for the full text of Helen’s laughable legal threat coming soon …

Dear Councillor Pickup,

Thank you for your immediate response, a refreshing change for BCC. Can you confirm that you did not attend the corporate reception at GCCC as part of “World Class West”?

Can you also confirm that none of the Labour Administration of Bristol City Council attended – as this seems to fly in the face of the statement on record:
“Attendance of over 100 members of the political and business community at the Bristol reception, including explicit endorsement in the media and at the event itself from Cllr Helen Holland, Leader of Bristol City Council.”

Can you explain in light of the above why none of you (including Helen) have declared attending this reception as hospitality in the Register of Members Interests?

Thank you for confirming that the expansion of Sefton Park is the more expensive option, however I am perplexed as to why you think it is more desirable. The parents of every child at the school do not agree, nor do the local residents, nor do the parents of children who have no local primary school place allocated to them, nor do the governors of the school. In fact your administration have achieved a level of unity and common interest in our community which I have never seen before. A pity therefore, that you are pitted against the people rather than representing them.

When I wrote to you during 2007/2008, you assured me that scrapping the plan for the new Brunel Primary School would have no effect on the delivery of new primary places for Bishopston for September 2009. Can you now admit in light of the epic deficit in primary school places in our area for September 2009 that you were wrong, and that my concerns were entirely justified. Humility in the face of personal failure is much more attractive than your previous record of arrogant “I know better” bravado and bluster in the face of reason. Normally politicians say “well if you’re not happy elect someone else” – the point is we did elect someone else, and you have excluded our elected representatives and ignored the views of the community involved from this process.

Actions speak louder than words – if you believe that children come first, then reverse your decision and build a new school.

Kind Regards,

Xxxxxx Xxxxxxx, Ashley Down, Bristol BS7 (Bishopston Ward, Bristol West)

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8 Responses to Helen Holland reckons this is defamatory. So I'll publish it …

  1. Anon says:

    That’s disgraceful – she should sue the pants off you for expecting democracy, accountability, and representation of the people. Next she’ll be wanting expenses and pay from yours and my pocket, status, and any number of jollies.

  2. Rosso Verde says:

    A surefire vote winner for Labour! Suing a member of the public – they really aren’t too bright.

  3. Green eyed monster says:

    Along with that other sure fire vote winner, resigning the administration because the nasty Lib Dems and Greens wouldn’t let them build an incinerator (and the Tories had second thoughts).
    Seems to be working though, Labour postera are up in Easton – three months before the election!

  4. Sceptic says:

    ….Labour postera are up in Easton – three months before the election!

    featuring their candidate for Easton ward appearing in deepest Lawrence Hill ward.

  5. thebristolblogger says:

    I assume Labour’s candidate is Arif Khan from the Easton Mosque?

  6. Gary Hopkins says:

    Leaving aside the reasons why Labour dropped the perfectly sensible plan for the new school in the first place(I am sure that people are perfectly capable of drawing their own conclusions) we now have Dereck Pickup asking questions at the first Lib dem cabinet to try to prove that they were right all along.
    Even though we made this resurection one of our first decisions 2 years will have been lost.
    They arrogantly completely failed to take account of local demand and 300 parents were told to send their young children on long bus journeys (let them eat cake). They then announced that temporary classrooms would make everything allright much to the suprise of the schools who seem not to have been properly consulted.
    No doubt Cllr Pickup will be appearing on a Labour leaflet shortly to say it is all the fault of the Lib Dems. (and Tories and Green.)

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