ZIONIST! watch

An occasional series highlighting the ludicrous uses of the term ZIONIST! locally.

<spooky music>The tentacles of the global Jewish Zionist conspiracy stretch further than you ever thought comrades. The Jewish Zionist menace is not only serving low fat lattes behind the counter at Starbucks or lurking ominously by the chilled food cabinet at Marks & Spencer . .. Now they’ve taken over the council!!!</spooky music>.

Here’s a report from Tony at Bristol Indymedia on the occasion of Lib Dem Councillor, Abdul Malik’s short and refreshingly diplomatic speech to the full council on the subject of Gaza:

The format of the Full Council Meeting had been changed to cause the public to wait until the end of the meeting. A wait of perhaps four hours before the Gaza statement could be heard. Has this been engineered to cause the most inconvenience to the public gallery, and therefore to discourage public participation?

This caused great concern and hubbub from the public gallery, prompting a vote as to whether the statement should be brought forward and read immediately.

As the “Ayes” and the “Noes” were shouted in unison by the councillors, for all but the hard of hearing the motion was undoubtedly in favour of reading the statement immediately. But the speaker announced that this was not the case, that “the noes have it”. This brought further uproar and someone called from the public gallery, “the zionists have it, the zionists have it”.

Yes indeed. The only rational conclusion we can possibly reach is that The Jews ZIONISTS! are running Bristol City Council and are deliberately manipulating meeting agendas to prevent five noisy, obssessional and deeply irritating members of the public from hearing a fairly pointless speech from someone with no power on a subject that happens to be their very own personal little hobby horse.

No ruse is too low for the evil Jew Zionist, eh?

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10 Responses to ZIONIST! watch

  1. Rosso Verde says:

    I do agree that the outburst you mention is either anti-semitic by intention, or very ill judged.

    Many people consider themselves “Anti Zionist”
    which can mean anything from covert way of being anti semitic to an objection for political reasons to the present state of Israel.
    Because of this ambiguity I prefer “Non Zionist”

    As my mothers side of the family are Jewish, I have the right to emmigrate to Israel under the right to return, whilst there is no right of return for ethnically cleansed Palestinians driven out of their homes over the last 60 years . – The same goes for many Jewish people from Arab countries, another human disaster often ignored.

    Some Jewish Groups who support the people of Palestine:


  2. Lizard Watcher says:

    But it’s true… you’re in denial. The Zionists / Jews have taken over the council. They’ve also been fiddling about with my computer.

    I bought some eggs the other day and when I got home I discovered that the Zionists / Jews had cracked one of them… I also strongly suspect that they broke into my house and damaged my vacuum cleaner.

    If we don’t deal with the threat soon, they’ll kill us all as we sleep in our beds!

    Boycott indymedia!

  3. Rosso Verde says:

    Agreed there is some dodgy stuff on Indymedia-
    glad you think the situation is so funny “Lizard Watcher”

  4. Lizard Watcher says:

    “Lollo Rosso”, I’d go a damned sight further than simply saying there’s some dodgy stuff on indymedia. After a conversation I had with some of the collective about 6 months ago, I’d say that it (the collective and its creation) has a deeply warped perspective when it comes to cause, effect, responsibility… and that’s just for starters.

    Yep, I do think the sitfuation is funny – albeit in a rather twisted way. I have one of those things that many people on the UK left have had surgically removed; a sense on humour. I suspect that I may have got some of that from my old man – a Jew who managed to smuggle himself out of Germany in 1939. Whatever his faults (and he had many), he always understood the importance of humour in politics as in the rest of life… something many could learn from.

  5. old misery guts says:

    I can’t wait for the day when the “zionists” manage to infiltrate and overthrow the merchant venturers. What a load of cock.

  6. Rosso Verde says:

    There are bigots on both “side” of the argument, the BNP are supportive of Israel and of course fundementalist fuckwits and Jew haters of all persuasions will jump on the bandwagon of Palestinian Solidarity.
    It doesn’t lessen the injustice of whats going on, here’s Sir Gerald Kaufman on the situation (hardly an extremist, conspiracy nut or Hamas lover)

  7. inks says:

    Indymedia are mostly harmless. Spoofing them is fun; here’s one I did earlier: http://bristol.indymedia.org/article/27197

    The left and increasingly the right have an unhealthy obsession with Israel / Palestine. It’s only a small place and there’s stuff all we can do about it anyway.

  8. Jog says:

    yeah….. why is it that tragedies like Dafur, Congo, Zimabwe (the list sadly goes on & on..) happen without the SWP/Respect etc etc frothing at the mouth & calling for vigils/pickets/demos every day of the week & twice on Sundays…..

  9. Lizard Watcher says:

    Inks, you’ve just given me a stitch from laughing. Wind ’em up and watch ’em go.

  10. Ella says:

    Jog, you can’t put those tragedies and scandals into a, however spurious, religious context. There are more Muslims than Palestinians in the UK don’t cha know. It’s purely mathematical. Anyone who knows the SWP/Respect (and I know them inside out sadly) will know they openly admit to ‘tactical decision making’ and issues that win paper sales take importance. I guess when their father-figure is Lenin you can’t exactly expect too much of them.

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