Sam Mason: lest we forget

With all this fuss about the local radio presenter, now seems a good time to rerun an old Bristolian of the Week item from summer 2007:

Sean – The radio phone-in king

Sean’s recent exchange with BBC Radio Bristol’s Sam Mason borders on genius:

Sam Mason, presenter: And now we go to Sean in Bristol. Sean, can you sum up the weather where you are in one word?

Sean: Cunt.

(Hat tip: Private Eye)

Sean obviously knew something we didn’t.

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8 Responses to Sam Mason: lest we forget

  1. Get out says:

    Sam Mason is a total waste of space, I cant believe Radio Bristol took her on. Dumbing down, obviously. She was busted for a string of driving offences a while back too. In fact, the EP has the list here:

  2. Jozer says:

    What a dumbell!

  3. Cassandra says:

    There’s a whole lot of sick, sad and maladjusted people around.

    Or the world wouldn’t be in such a mess .

    Why else do you think so many wallow in drugs, drink and KrispyKreme.

    From baby P to the mass extinction being caused by humans, sick, sad and maladjusted is the everyday norm of modernity. Such is the banality of evil.

    History will condemn this society.

  4. Des Bowring says:

    Can I make it clear that next time I order a taxi, I do NOT want it driven by Sam Mason.

  5. Greengage says:

    To quote the mighty Hefner:

    “I thought you were perfect/But that racist joke/Just made it all/Bittersweet.”

    Or perhaps not.

  6. Nami B says:

    Being of Asian descent myself, I could turn up to Mason family home, ring the doorbell, and FREAK them out when they see my little Asian face peering at them. Maybe the 10, 000 other Asians living in Bristol could join in too..Oh how we’d all laugh. But then I have better things to do, like being a tolerant, intelligent and er, normal citizen of the UK.

  7. Chinadoll says:

    Any comments about the muslim business man who regularly phones a local taxi firm and demands a muslim only driver to pick up his wife to take her to her destination??

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