Local MP receives minor award for blogging that's barely worth mentioning really

Frankly unbearable levels of smugness over on Bristol East MP Kerry McCarthy’s blog today after she was given some Mickey Mouse award only open to MPs for her blog.

Since the news yesterday she seems to have given up any normal duties and has instead spent her time constantly bragging on her blog to her readership – which currently seems to consist of four members of the Libertarian Party and her mum – and trying to figure out how to plaster her site with an insufferable little winners logo.

What’s the big deal here? Kerry apparently won this award from the British Computer Society – amid rumours of a rigged pro-Labour jury I might add – for “engagement”. How hard is that when your competition is a bunch of clueless public schoolboys who don’t know anything about anything and think engagement is something you do with a young filly with a flat in Kensington whose daddy owns a bank and a large spread in the country?

Not that we’re bothered about gongs or anything here at the Blogger – where it’s award enough to know we’re selflessly serving the cause of truth and the public interest – but I wonder how Ms McCarthy would get on in a competition against some real bloggers like we’ve got here in Bristol rather than those ponces in Westminster?

Alas, so far there’s been no such awards available. Shame.

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9 Responses to Local MP receives minor award for blogging that's barely worth mentioning really

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  2. Martyn Whitelock says:

    BB – Come on, you’re just jealous. We know what it would mean for you to have some such an earth shattering award!

    The award was for her website (which is informative) – her blog is just an added bonus! However, she has a poll for which colour people prefer for the banner background. If she can’t decide that… is there any hope? Also, have I missed something: is purple the new Labour?

    All the comments on her post about the Railway Path have been removed. This included quite an interesting and lengthy debate.

    Anyway, I’ve just posted a new comment but it hasn’t appeared yet!

  3. Ella says:

    Do you like the purple at the top?

    No, I preferred the grey

    No, I preferred the red

    Hadn’t even noticed

    Yes, it looks great


  4. BristolPatriot says:

    As if news of this very very minor award wasnt enough I see over on Charlie Bolton’s site not only has he now given up blogging in dispair – he has SPLIT –

  5. Jog says:

    You’re making a lot of fuss about a blog that you reckon no-one looks at….

    …. new colour for this blog is green perhaps….

  6. Bunge says:

    What a bitter little post. I know BCS, they are not pro-Labour rin any way – in fact they are specifically a politically neutral.

  7. thebristolblogger says:

    Bitter? Moi?

    I’ll have you know I’m intensely relaxed about Kerry’s award. There’s much more important things in life don’t you know?

  8. Dona Qixota says:

    Yeah, like Gordon’s haircut.

    Come on though, The libs are way more than four, and give them credit, they’re not doing a bad job.

  9. Spotted on Kerry's Blog says:

    Oi Blogger! What’s all this business going on between you and Kerry McCarthy eh, eh? Accepting awards? What other ‘favours’ have you been accepting we wonder… looks a bit suspect to me… if you keep on like this, getting all luvvy duvvy, with the Shakin Stevens playing a soppy number in the background then we’re all going to start wondering what’s going on…

    Surely integrity demands that you refuse this accolade?!?!?

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