Content is king?

Lib Dem leader Barbara Janke’s got a lot to say on her new website.

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15 Responses to Content is king?

  1. Chris Hutt says:

    I have to say there’s not a word I disagree with. Should I join the Lib-Dems?

  2. Liberal Watching says:

    An interesting take on the Lib Dems’ usual tactic of saying all things to all people… saying nothing to anyone

  3. Diberal Lemoncrap says:

    Ha. Perhaps she is waiting for the LibDems’ hired hands write it for her.

    Just come home from a City Centre boozer where I overheard a group of posh young Bristol uni types discussing politics.

    One young woman apparently works writing propaganda for the Bristol Libs. She was explaining their famously genius bar-chart tactic. “Only Lib-Dems can win here” etc.

    Apparently they have to pay people to produce that crap.

    And, this young woman revealed, not only is she not a LibDem supporter, she votes Labour!

  4. Barry Blaze says:

    Pretty par for the course from ‘snobby Babs’ Janke! Mind you the Bristol Lib Dem site thinks Steve Comer is still leader ( He does at least have a blog with some content on it: as do Lib Dem Councillors, Alex Woodman:
    Emma Bagley: and Neil Harrison:
    Their colleague Tim Kent got bored with his ( and stopped updating it in February!

  5. thebristolblogger says:

    Jesus, that Steve Comer blog is soooooo boring. It’s worse than Alex Woodman’s!

  6. BristleKRS says:

    Whilst leafing through the lamentable BCC rag Our City, which interred itself through our letterbox this morning, the girlfriend commented – whilst looking through the grim faces-of-evil section that is ‘Bristol City Councillors – Who We Are’ – that Alex Woodman is “well hot! I would!”


    She’s new to Bristol.

  7. thebristolblogger says:

    I think I might have an exclusive here. I just don’t know what it is.

  8. James Barlow says:

    Helen Holland’s site is also now offline. (But saved here without images for posterity)

    The domain name is now owned by a Bristol chap called “Edgar Jones” in the Regus managed offices on the docks.

  9. Chris Hutt says:

    BristleKRS, your girlfriend could have had her heart’s content this evening. Dishy young Alex was chairing the Sustainable Development and Transport Scrutiny Commission, normally a rather obscure gathering but this week they were dealing with the proposals for Residents’ Parking Schemes so the chamber was packed with angry, placard waving objectors.

    Alex did well under the very difficult circumstances, but whenever he tried to assert his authority as Chair he was teased mercilessly by the crowd – “ooooooooooh”. Of course few in the crowd understood that the Scrutiny commission wasn’t the decision making body and that Alex, as a Lib-Dem, wasn’t even a member of the Labour Cabinet. Bradshaw sat at the back, grinning like a Cheshire cat – but he’ll get his turn on Thursday.

  10. Dona Qixota says:

    “ooooooooooh” – sounds like lookism – typical. Maybe life’d be easier pug-ugly – no shortage of that at the top of BCC.

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  12. Holly says:

    Hope people noticed the figures in the back pages of ‘Our City’. Funny, I thought it was theirs… to f**k up!

    Anyway, if BCC can spend £8.2 million on purchasing the land for the Hengrove development (oh no, another pile of cheap modern architectural shite!) then surely they can issue a CPO to acquire the wood which was recently destroyed in the middle of Eastville Park. In fact, wouldn’t this have been better spent on the Parks and Green Spaces Strategy? Vowlsie – any comments?

  13. Matt says:

    BristleKRS: Your poor g/f should talk to some lib dims – apparently aside from being a complete munt her mister woodman has some *very* dark sides to his personality.

  14. Chi-chi says:

    An update on the weird and peculiar Alex Hilton Johanna Kaschke affair. dizzythinks . net/2008/12/strange-going-ons-in-blog-libel-war . html

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