Bye by George?

What’s happened to By George, George Ferguson’s saturday column of self-regarding drivel in the Evening Cancer?

It was there last week and this week it’s gone! Surely it can’t have anything to do with Councillor Ashley Fox tabling a series of questions at the next Full Council Meeting that are acutely embarrassing to the great columnist and giant of local journalism?

If that’s the case, it would certainly be another own goal for gaffe prone Cancer editor Mike Norton and his flaky judgment. Is it really wise to employ a part-time columnist with such a wide range of local business and property development interests of the kind that obviously have the potential to end up in the pages of his newspaper?

Will Norton now bite the bullet, do the decent thing and tell the public about Red Trouser Gate, the story that’s been slowly festering on the spike at the Lubianka for nearly two months now?

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  1. what goes around comes around says:

    Politics can be a nasty business.

    Butcher Bill and Boss Tweed need to look like they’re sorting Five Points out. So what do they do? They find a few innocent men so desperately impoverished that they will volunteer to be hanged as rioters, in exchange for some money for their families.

    Our leaders do not have such options. What on earth can they do?

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