Evelyn goes to the circus

(Cartoon by Evelyn Post. Evelyn Post is The Bristol Blogger’s resident cartoonist. He has a woman’s name)

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7 Responses to Evelyn goes to the circus

  1. BristolPatriot says:

    Yes indeed the Circus is now in town,the first to leave the ring of Hardy Amies “suits you sir”.
    Whom might be next?? infact when there all gone .what possible use could this huge structure of capitalism be used for??
    The largest wheels park in Europe?
    Britain’s first Parcur exhibition centre?
    Or maybe just maybe a retirement home for Financial entraprenures.

  2. badnewswade says:

    It’s such a shitty, enclosed, privatised space. I just cycled through there on my way home, and this fat bastard insecurity guard tosser jumped in front of me and tried to wave me down. The bloody cheek! (I wizzed past and yelled “FUCK CAPITALISM!” Thank god for alcohol!)

    That’s the worst thing about it – the way the whole shebang is only there for one purpose, to seperate idiots from their money. After dark its’ a heavily policed ghost town that’s about as welcome as a McDonalds’ in Tehran.

    I hope they burn it down for the insurance. It would literally be better off as a vacant lot – at least then people could get some pleasure out of the acreage!

  3. Chris Hutt says:

    Carboot Circus is a monoculture which ignores the fact that Bristol is populated with real people who don’t necessarily conform to the developer’s stereotype of the good citizen. The development could so easily have provided something positive beyond shopping.

    For example if the new covered streets had been arranged in a long line instead of a trident shape we could have reinvented what Old Market and Castle Street used to be in the 1930s- a useful radial route thronged with people (not just shoppers).

    The development could have provided an attractive walking and cycling route from Houlton Street right through to the old city (and Bristol Bridge via Castle Park), crossing Bond Street by bridge. Then we’d all have had reason to welcome the development, even those oddballs amongst us who don’t define themselves by what they buy from shops.

    As it is the realigned Bond Street, with its convoluted, time wasting multi-stage pedestrian crossings, forms a potent symbol of the divide between the affluent shopping centre and the depressed housing areas to the east. Only those who arrive by car get to enjoy a seamless and convenient crossing of Bond Street via the bridge.

  4. Matt says:

    Milk Street before Cabbot Farce.


    Milk street was home to Britains first Brass works. Now Milk street is home to Bristols first £20+ espresso

    Anit progress great.

  5. BristleKRS says:

    Talking of PR, I’m sure many people here (TBB included) will be aware that PR Bristol has been trying to build up a database of Bristol-based bloggers.

    At first this effort seemed to revolve around directly exported the blogroll from TBB; it took a while for the penny to drop that the likes of Hitchens, Cohen, the Class War Youth Death Brigade and Olly’s Onions weren’t actually Bristolian.

    It took a while longer for the original TBB descriptions (only visible when you run the cursor over a link) to be stripped out. Perhaps Terry Cook discovering he was being called a ‘Nob head’ by the mouthpiece of the public relations sector in Bristol might have sped this along?

  6. Matt says:

    If you guys would like to have an ethical shopping experience in Bristol, try Carrotmob on Gloucester road on Saturday 25th.

    [In the spirit of CarrotMob, I am going to call on some other Bristol-based bloggers to spread the green message of CarrotMob, so here goes! Vowles the Green, Green Bristol Blog, Connecting Bristol and the Bristol Blogger. GOOD LUCK BRISTOL CARROTMOB!]

  7. Mike Hope says:

    Radio Bristol has always been shit but it has reached new depths of shitness under it’s latest Managing Editor Tim Pemberton.
    Forgetting that the BBC was supposed to be a public service broadcaster, Pemberton allowed the opening of Carboot Circus to be nothing other than free advertising for the place.
    Richard Wyatt’s woeful morning show was broadcast there, lightweight grammar schoolboy Prat er was sent there to cream himself at the opening ceremony, or so it seemed.
    It’s a bunch of shops for fuck’s sake and boring shops at that.

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