McCarthy shockers!!

Couple of interesting items on Bristol East Labour MP Kerry McCarthy’s blog.

Firstly, to give you a further idea of the chaotic, leaderless, anti-democratic shambles which is the BRT plan for the Railway Path we get this from Kerry:

I have fired off letters to various people, asking for more info about the West of England Partnership’s plans for the Rapid Bus Link, but haven’t had any formal response yet.

That’s right. Despite having spent a small fortune on CONsultants, council officers’ salaries, feasibility studies, drawings, plans, meetings, Project Initiation Documents, strategies, briefing documents, presentations, reports and god knows what other crap, nobody involved is capable of explaining to a local MP whose constituency contains the path what the fuck is going on!

Our city safe in their hands, eh?

Elsewhere Kerry has managed to run into a little bit of trouble on a couple of blogs over her views on MPs expenses. She’s even had to remove the links to the blogs because they “used incredibly profane language and lots of school pupils look at my website, e.g. in school citizenship lessons.”

Sod that. Here at the Blogger we’ll take the risk that the kind of school pupil with the wherewithal to look beyond the hell of New Labour’s demented school curriculum, its citizenship propaganda and its set texts can deal with the word fuck when they see it. So the blogs in question are here and here.

Anyway, McCarthy ran into these problems after announcing:

I don’t know quite know what the solutions are [to the issue of MPs expenses]

This is pretty extraordinary. Surely someone who’s openly pitching for a job in government – where they would be, at the very least, partly responsible for vast sums of public money – must realise a system of financial accountability based solely on trust is actually a form of institutionalised corruption?

Would anyone put their money in a bank where your money was not properly recorded and you just had to trust the bank staff?

The solutions Kerry seems to find so complex are actually perfectly straightforward. MPs’ expenses simply need to be fully recorded, accounted and independently verified. What does Kerry think every other public organisation publishes audited accounts for? Fun?

But then given her government’s apparent policy of getting any major problems or anomalies with their public sector accounts smoothed out by their auditor over expensive lunches in the very best Westminster restaurants, it’s hard to tell what they think isn’t it?

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8 Responses to McCarthy shockers!!

  1. Charlie Bolton says:

    It occurred to me that a key part of being a ‘consultant’ is to ‘consult’.

    Do you think they forgot?

  2. Chris Hutt says:

    No, I think the key part of being a “consultant” is to “con”.

    They never forget that.

  3. redzone says:

    kerry mccarthy doesn’t know what the solution is to expenses??
    simple really, get receipts & hand them in with your expenses sheet just like the rest of us have to do!!!!
    keep some record of what you spend & on what.
    it’s not rocket science!!!

  4. Woodsy says:

    It now looks as if Ms McCarthy has had enough of the great unwashed voicing opinions she doesn’t want to hear and has turned comments off on her blog.

  5. redzone says:

    i wonder who made that decision for her???

  6. Teach says:

    She’s incapable of making her own decisions, so Gordan must have told her!

  7. don't like it up em says:

    Woodsy wrote: “It now looks as if Ms McCarthy has had enough of the great unwashed voicing opinions she doesn’t want to hear and has turned comments off on her blog.”

    Doubtless not the first or last time. Apparently the Libertarians threw her into a funk last week with their “1984 Campaign”, reported on Bristol Dave’s blog.

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