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Congatulations Bath and North East Somerset for coming up with an utterly brilliant way to spend local tax payers money with a job even more nonsensical than our local authority here in Bristol can manage.

Yes. We now urgently need people from the local authority to explain to us how to explain to our children how to cross a road …

Location Keynsham
Job Title Child Pedestrian Trainer
Salary £15,153 – £15,842
Closing Date 04/4/2008
Reference No. 07-5211

As part of the Road Safety Team you will be responsible for delivering the Council’s new Child Pedestrian Training Programme. You will work in selected primary schools in Bath & North East Somerset with children and their parents, to equip the children with the skills they need to become safer pedestrians. Blah, blah, blah …

If you want to know more you need to speak to a Road Safety Officer called – wait for it – Lorry!

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3 Responses to Job of the week

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  2. James Barlow says:

    I can think of a local bloke qualified for the job.

  3. Matt says:

    Does this mean they are making Lolly Pop ladies redundant?!

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