We now have the full address and contacts for Sharon Daly, the CONsultant from Steer Davies Gleave who may – or may not – be responsible for trying to put a BRT route on the Railway Path …

Sharon will also be organising Mark Bradshaw’s forthcoming “CONsultation” on BRT. If you feel you want to contact Sharon personally to find out what she’s up to and what she knows, her contact details are here:

Sharon Daly
Steer Davies Gleave
28-32 Upper Ground, London SE1 9PD, UK

[direct] +44 (0)20 7910 5570
[main] +44 (0)20 7919 8500
[mobile] +44 7881 914 731
[fax] +44 (0)20 7827 9850
[email] s.daly@sdgworld. net

Note the convenient (to Bristol) Southwark address!

If you’re looking for sample ideas of what to write, one Easton resident has already contacted Sharon:

Hi Sharon Daly,

I understand that you are the consultant* employed by Steer Davies Greave to produce a report to the West of England Partnership that recommended that the Bristol-Bath Railway Path (The ‘Way’) be converted into a rapid transit bus lane connecting the Emerson Green Science Park to Temple Way in the centre of Bristol. I am aware that you have also made presentations to other organisations such as ‘community partnerships’ that, like the WEP, are parallel to the normal institutions of democracy.

This proposal is so counter to conventional definitions of sanity that I feel compelled to investigate further before referring it to the appropriate regulators. I will be grateful therefor if you could shed some light on the following points;-

Before producing this report did you have any contact with local users of the Way? By this I mean individual users, not some ‘community leaders’ or paid officials.

Did you talk to Sustrans about this? Do you know the number of journeys claimed per year by Sustrans?.

Have you ever studied the Way during the various rush hours? Or at any other time?

Are you aware of the cross-Way traffic that permits access to at least two schools, a nursery and the shops south of Easton?

I will be grateful for any justification you can think of for suggesting this massive theft of amenity from thousands of people who are not represented by WEP and will not benefit from it’s proposal.

I appreciate that the actual report will have to be obtained from the WEP, but I feel it is necessary to establish whether you are mad, stupid or merely deluded before deciding what action to take against the WEP and it’s constituent members.

Thanks you for your time and I look forwards to answers to the above and any additional justification you may wish to give for your actions.

Best regards,

Xxxxx Xxxxxxx
Citizen. Easton.

* “Consultant” One who swindles at the same time as insulting. (local

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2 Responses to Contact-a-CONsultant

  1. BristleKRS says:

    With one hand they give, with the other they take…


    Steer Davies Gleave was commissioned by the London Borough of Camden to develop a Walk to School Incentive Scheme for use in Primary Schools in the Borough.

    Apparently kids in London should be allowed to be able to walk safely to school, but kids in Bristol must dodge motor traffic annexing their footpaths and cycleways. Classy!

    I wonder whether SDG will recommend to the WEP that local children using the railway path produce “Travel Diaries…to record how they travel to and from school each day” as part of its consultation, or whether it intends to hold “on-going discussions…with head teachers and staff” at schools.

    It’s also interesting to note, on a preliminary scoot around the SDG website, that there appears to be no existing relationship with or expertise on Bristol. SDG was, however, responsible for tarting up (sorry, the “design concept and realisation”) of the BANES local transport plan back in 2000. (Well, I say BANES, but then I lack the expert local knowledge of an outfit like SDG, who call it “Bath & Somerset”.)

    Still, perhaps SDG is just being modest about its extensive inside knowledge on transport policy in Bristol – in a 2001 edition of its in-house vanity mag The Review it talks glowingly of how “Recent awards by the UK Government for funding light rail transit (LRT) schemes in Leeds, Hampshire and Bristol have capped a remarkable turn around in the fortunes of LRT in the UK.” Indeed – let’s hear it for the Bristol tram and the way it transformed all our lives!

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