Blogga Shocka!

As one door closes another one opens …

The Bristol Blogger is pleased to announce that the ink is now dry on a deal signed earlier today with Bristol United Press, owners of the Evening Post, Western Daily Press and Venue, and the Blogger is now installed as their new and groundbreaking Transport, Regulatory Issues and Political Editor.

The deal, which could be worth up to £300k over the next five years, will find the Blogger writing political leaders and providing in-depth, local political commentary across all BUP titles as well as producing a weekly politics section for the Bristol Evening Post that will include an outspoken opinion column.

BUP Group Editor Mike Norton said: “This is a fantastic appointment for the group. It continues our commitment to bring the very best journalism and writing to Bristol and the West Country and will help to beef up our newspapers’ political coverage.”

The Bristol Blogger said, “This is great news. It’s always been my dream to work for the Bristol Evening Cancer.”

Look out for the Blogger’s first column EXCLUSIVELY in the Bristol Evening Post tomorrow, Tuesday 1 April.

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10 Responses to Blogga Shocka!

  1. Sarah says:

    Blimey, and there was me thinking that April 1 had been and gone – for me it was October 20. I remember the moment. All relaxed and happy down at the Trinity, when someone told me that the Spatial Strategy included a Bus Route on the Railway Path. Ha! ha!
    Good luck in your new life.

  2. BristolPatriot says:

    Nice one BB but maybe you would be the April fool if you joined the cancer. HaHa Ha Nice one BB.

  3. Cann2010 says:

    Good on yer!
    Bristol’s tax payers have faith in you – join the paper – and ‘Deliver’ ‘S*’ ‘it’ for us !!

  4. Jon57 says:

    In their dreams they will get a creditable columnist!
    Happy April 1st BB, long may you continue!

  5. Matt says:

    Hi BB,

    April fools…..?

  6. Second Floor Council House says:

    Now we know how Nick Gurney will be spending his retirement – congratulations!

  7. Chris Millman says:

    If only it were so! Great shame that we are losing the blogger for a while. Quite apart from the entertainment value, this site has been most valuable in sharing information about what is going on at the Council House, and the responses of some politicians have been most instructive. I doubt that the railway path campaign would have made such progress without it. Is there any other forum where we can congregate when BB is off air?

  8. Chris Hutt says:

    “Is there any other forum where we can congregate when BB is off air?”

    We seem to be doing OK here, with God just keeping a weather eye on things instead of doing all the work. If it’s OK with him upstairs who are we to argue?

  9. Paul Smith says:

    but can we afford to match his wages?

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