Well informed councillor of the week

Step forward Labour’s Noreen Daniels, councillor for the Hillfields Ward of the city.

In her favour, Noreen’s the only councillor so far known to have responded to any correspondence from the public regarding her party’s plan to turn the Bristol and Bath Cycle Path into a bus route.

Although her response that “it would help her elderly constituents go shopping in Bath” is a little bit confusing considering as this is a bus route that will run from Emersons Green to the middle of Bristol!

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3 Responses to Well informed councillor of the week

  1. Gary Hopkins says:

    As it happens most of my party colleages have,not suprisingly , recieved enquiries/lobbying on the subject and have responded. Happy to field questions tomorrow night.

  2. Gary Hopkins – have you clearly and unmistakeably opposed the plan to put a bus route on the cyclepath/railway path as yet. I’ve tried to find a clear statement from my local councillor, but cant locate one. Will you oblige??

  3. I guess its a ‘no I have not clearly and unmistakenly opposed the plan’ from Gary Hopkins then, judging by the silence.

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